Thursday, 8 May 2008

Help the Environment: Eat Insects

Want to Help the Environment? Eat Insects: “Perfumey, tastes like salty apples,” one says. “Like a scented candle blended with an artichoke,” another adds.

The giant water bug, or Lethocerus indicus, a three-inch-long South Asian insect that looks uncannily like a local cockroach, is just one of the items on the menu of this bug-eating bacchanal. The Gastronauts’ meal may seem more like a reality TV stunt than a radical environmental strategy, but Gracer is on a serious mission to shake up how we all think about our food supply.
Absolutely the definitive come-back answer to the eco-environmentalist vegans; having entangled a few here and there, I had to bookmark David Gracer's entomophagic crusade.