Monday 10 September 2007

Markov Hornpipe

Markov Hornpipe
The Markov Hornpipe is one of an early batch of studies sparked by a comment by Will Henry on how he would intuitively predict the subsequent bars of a traditional tune. Yes, it is a midi 'rendering' (volunteer performers are welcome to apply) and yes it does maybe get a bit wobbily in the middle although I've come to like those slip-jig wobbles, and no, it is not 'computer music' or 'serialism', it is more akin to Prokofiev's notebook method -- I wish I had more resources to explore the idea, but experimentally, I'm pleased with the result, it did what I wanted it to do and in a really rather listenable way. John Cage said his part was in asking the right questions and I maybe could have phrased a few of them better, but bygones are bygones, I've learned from the experience and moved on.

Sunday 9 September 2007

Photos from SUN RA


Facebook | Photos from SUN RA: "Sun Ra, June Tyson, Marshall Allen, John Gilmore - taken at the Toronto 1986 show"