Wednesday 5 September 2012

John Cage Centennial


Happy Birthday John Cage, 100 years young, and still not a day goes by when I do not reminisce on your accepting laughter. Some days all it takes is the sound of street traffic.

Monday 20 February 2012

Musicians Wage War Against Robots

via Paleofuture
"The true function of the machine is to increase the value of the product fed into it -- not to debase it. Therefore mechanical music, as a substitute for Living Music, is a spurious form of progress -- Like a loom converting good wool into shoddy."

"Trampling Art for Profit" -- alas, if only we'd listened! Click the Paleofuture link there for more thoughts on the essential role of human contact in the "social intercourse" of music, a parade of ads put forth by the 1930's AFM Music Defense League's $50,000 newspaper campaign to demand using humans, not machines, to play our music. Ditto on the sweaters too.