Friday 17 December 2010

no Cage preview?

Dear BBC Radio 1

regarding your update chart page at --??

why is the John Cage single (#18: 4'33") the only??track on the chart list which does not have an audition preview button?

Wednesday 1 December 2010

YES! Beckett On Film Online

Ohio Impromptu (2000)
Director: Charles Sturridge
Cast: Jeremy Irons ... Reader / Listener

Catastrophe (2000)
Director: David Mamet
Harold Pinter ... The Director
Rebecca Pidgeon ... The Director's Assistant
John Gielgud ... The Protagonist

Breath (2000)
Director: Damian Hirst
Cast: Keith Allen (voice)

Not I (1973)
Director: Anthony Page
Cast: Billie Whitelaw ... Auditor / Mouth

Act Without Words I (2000)
Director: Karel Reisz
Cast: Sean Foley

Act Without Words II (2000)
Director: Enda Hughes
Cast: Marcello Magni, Pat Kinevane

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Been waiting a hundred years for this