Monday 31 December 2007

Status: EarthCam New Years

tracking the onrushing 2008 at - it just hit Trafalgar and Edinburgh, rumour has it, its headed this way ...

Thursday 27 December 2007

Dailymotion - Gibson Guitar Hero Video: Scotty Moore

Happy Birthday Scotty Moore!
That's aright Mama, any way you do, that's alright!


Duelity created by Vancouver Film School students Ryan Uhrich and Marcos "Boca" Ceravolo through the VFS Digital Design program. Feel free to visit where both videos are available to watch in higher resolution separately or together!
From Vancouver, a short film, in split-screen, for all those who have ever pondered the question(s) of How It All Began ...

Wednesday 26 December 2007

Status: Boxing Day


Gary has been practicing his left-jab and footwork, he's now ready for Boxing Day. "I am the GREATEST" he says.

Sunday 23 December 2007

Dailymotion - David Bowie - Five Years

Yes, it's that time boys and girls: Just five years left to go before Dec 20, 2012 and on a prod from Robert Bast, let's all Sing-a-long with David ...

Tuesday 18 December 2007

YouTube - Content, Life & Everything

YouTube - Content, Life & Everything: Redwood has transformed itself from a print based agency to a truly multi-platform content agency. This video explains the world of Content 2.0 from a customer's point of view, the opportunities that we now have to reach them, and what the future holds.
Inspire, Inform, Entertain -- we interrupt these 91 million hours of Facebook programming for a brief message we might call "Web Marketing 301, Beyond the Couch-Potato", a brief survey of trends and measures about this electronic skin we are building with our social new-media.

Friday 14 December 2007

Status: Lock Down Your Heart


Gary and Kee-May have yanked their kids from school today, in protest of the Lock-Down Drill.
TeledyN: Lock Down Your Heart: "there are infidels at the gates ready to rend it asunder -- we decided to yank our kids from the school today, in protest of the Lock Down Drill being foisted on our kids in the name of anti-terrorism. We're going to take them shopping instead, as it seems that for all the commercialism and materialism that may deck the malls, that world is still nonetheless within the seasonal message of goodwill and hope that maybe, just maybe there is the slimmest chance that some child-in-arms Prince of Peace may someday make all such terrors of young hearts a thing of the past. Let's have a drill to lock-down into that concept, eh?"

Wednesday 12 December 2007

Dailymotion - "HALLOWEEN UNCUT" - LIVE IN HOLLYWEIRD, a video from Zaetar. Sun, Ra, Free, Jazz, Davis

Dailymotion - "HALLOWEEN UNCUT" - LIVE IN HOLLYWEIRD, a video from Zaetar. Sun, Ra, Free, Jazz, Davis - video is mad cool, it's so free it's like a dusty wind that swirls and collects and disapates all at the same time! - Great!! Halloween makes me poo my pants so I have change into new ones. I never new life could be so much fun. - Halloween Very Buzz Good song! - Halloween is joyously spooky...

Angels and Demons at play, some Halloween, somewhere there: I had to start my Dailymotion blogging, and this seemed a good place to start. Life is Splendid

Saturday 8 December 2007



imagining Karlheinz Stockhausen as the new Composer in Residence of the Cosmic Choir. Sounds good.

Wednesday 5 December 2007

Peace Shirt Coalition


MySpace: CB for Peace - MySpace profile for Peace Shirt Coalition
The really most odd part about the story behind the kids behind this website is how, despite having met all the proper criteria, their high school shut them down "for causing trouble" -- their myspace page lives on, though, as does their message, so if you're on that site and want to show them some support, please do go over and try to counter-balance the (many) commenters trying to jam them.