Friday 14 December 2007

Status: Lock Down Your Heart


Gary and Kee-May have yanked their kids from school today, in protest of the Lock-Down Drill.
TeledyN: Lock Down Your Heart: "there are infidels at the gates ready to rend it asunder -- we decided to yank our kids from the school today, in protest of the Lock Down Drill being foisted on our kids in the name of anti-terrorism. We're going to take them shopping instead, as it seems that for all the commercialism and materialism that may deck the malls, that world is still nonetheless within the seasonal message of goodwill and hope that maybe, just maybe there is the slimmest chance that some child-in-arms Prince of Peace may someday make all such terrors of young hearts a thing of the past. Let's have a drill to lock-down into that concept, eh?"