Wednesday 30 April 2008

A Plausible Future


The Tipping Point: A Global Death and Rebirth Story: Jim Fournier writes "For anyone who has any grasp of the multiple global trends accelerating toward crisis points, it is not difficult to imagine end-of-the-world scenarios. Indeed, the problem is to imagine a plausible future in which humanity ultimately arrives at a positive outcome."
a sample: "When Google recognized that trade credits were just information and enabled global clearing online, The Google became the standard international unit for mutual credit exchange among individuals and small businesses." :)
Indeed Jim presents quite a grand gauntlet challenge for would-be Futurists everywhere: It is oh so easy to gripe (heh - proof enough of that that right here!) but is it possible to weave the same trends and observations into a plausible positive? Mete enough for a blog if its own, I'd say.