Thursday 18 September 2008

The simple life (digital version)

This video shows you how simple and easy it will be to become a criminal under bill C-61. It's funny, in its sad way, and here's a fictional tale I'm sure many will find too true:

just a short while ago the kids had an opportunity to take a DVD to school for a party and we hestitated to give them a (once legal but no longer) dub because of the propaganda they've already laid on the kids, so we gave them an AUDIO mixtape CD instead, and y'know, not a single eyebrow was raised.

Yet it was equally as criminal.

My MP (Larry Miller, Conservative) AND the 'official' chain-letter I got from Industry Canada both assure me this is all not true. Not in so many words, of course. What they REALLY said was, "This is not just a COPY of the American law" -- presumably because such an admission would be incriminating under the DMCA :)