Monday 9 February 2009

You can be King for a Day!



King of the Monsters, that is.

On a tip from RoboJapan we learn of the sideline site TOHO Original Goods (???????????? ??????????????????) where, absolutely true and legit, for less than a fifth the cost of a lowly hobby-horse you can rent a real original movie-set Godzilla costume from Final Wars or Mechagodzilla!!!

At first I thought this all had to be a put-on, but no it is all legit. How f***ing cool would it be to stage your own Godzilla battle in the back yard, or cruise around the streets of Tokyo dressed as the big G himself?
Indeed! Google translates the details as 1 day / JPY (tax included) +????????????1,000??? (+ 1,000 yen carry insurance)

Some fine print that may be important:
Transportation cost, insurance cost additional freight costs. If you would like to SUTSUAKUTA, two actors and a production cost will be added. For more information please contact us.
TEL 03-3749-2111 ???????????? FAX 03-3749-2277 TEL 03-3749-2111 (Representative) FAX 03-3749-2277
Contact (Marketing Planning) Okamura County
There's always a catch.