Monday 7 February 2011

re: Don't Make Me Steal

On February 3rd 2011 about 20 people got together for a workshop at the Lift11 Conference. We all had one thing in common: love for movies. We noticed that we all struggle with the current content delivery landscape, find it difficult to legally obtain the movies you want to watch and think that it could all be much easier.

This is why we collaboratively came up with the Digital Media Delivery Manifesto that can be signed on this page.

Right after the workshop Jordi and Pierre launched this platform with the Manifesto we created together. People are now able to digitally sign the Manifesto using their Facebook or Twitter account.

And who knows, in the end, maybe content providers will understand our needs. And the fact that we are not their enemy. We are just huge fans of movies who would love to pay for their content. If only it weren't so damn difficult.

Hear here! They're there. But ... will the RIAA members listen and catch up?