Friday 19 October 2007

Nuclear Smoke and Mirrors

Nuclear Smoke and Mirrors: "Harper, EAC’s Wayne Henuset and AECL’s mandarins won’t want the public to connect the dots too quickly. Harper’s minority government might not weather a heated controversy over Canada importing nuclear wastes while having a huge unsolved nuclear waste problem of its own ... If it became widely known there was a hidden agenda about an international nuclear waste dump in Canada, then all the hype about clean nuclear energy providing economic development might begin to fall on deaf ears. Besides, the ACR-1000 reactor is only a design on paper and hasn’t been reality tested. Without the $200 million granted to AECL from the Harper government for design work, adding to the $17 billion dollars of subsidies since 1952, there’d be no chance at all of this project ever seeing the light of day."
If you still think the AECL and OPG are all above board on what they're selling us for their Deep Geological Suppository, follow this link. Come to think of it, for example the Organic Cooled Reactor in Manitoba, the Candu Boiling Light Water Reactor in Quebec, the Slowpoke Energy System, the Candu-3, the Candu-9, and the Maple Reactor at Chalk River, has the AECL ever been right (or even profitable) about anything they've done?