Friday 12 October 2007

YouTube - Nublu

YouTube - Nublu 07 part1: A Nublu documentary movie in two parts. Butch Morris take on the Nublu Orchestra, the Nublu sound, scene and bands of 2007. Produced by Nublu records. Filmed and edited by me, Chantal Ughi. Butch Morris interview conducted by Chantal Ughi and Howard Monath.[youtube]
I want a "I'm with Butch" T-Shirt. Sheer genius, he's taken an old useless industrial space and re-ignited the local musical culture into a roaring flame of creative energy. Absolutely brilliant.

NuBlu, Shibusa, Guelph getting $4million to study the social consequences of improvisational music ... there's somethin' happenin' here ...