Thursday 8 May 2008

Help the Bees: Eat Ice Cream!


Protect the Future of Ice Cream... by Eating Ice Cream: The two new flavors???Vanilla Honey Bee ice cream and Vanilla Honey & Granola frozen yogurt???are both delicious. The honey flavor is sharp without overwhelming the vanilla, and samples left in DISCOVER???s freezer vanished in record time."
This is to atone for that last "entomologically flavoured" post: "H??agen-Dazs is launching two new honey-bee themed flavors ... No, it's not Ice Cream made with bees, it is made for the bees: A portion of the proceeds will go to geneticists, entomologists, and educators who will research the causes of the bees??? decline, create stronger bees in the laboratory, and teach the public how to make their surroundings more bee friendly."