Monday 26 May 2008

Measure your musical-visual intelligence

Skilled at visual learning? Measure your musical-visual intelligence online!: "What is AMVI? Associative Musical Visual Intelligence (or 'amvi' for short) is a type of intelligence that's difficult enough to define, let alone test. Many creative people can associate across sensory domains: they 'hear' hints of shapes and can 'taste' the essense of colors. At its most extreme this phenomenon is called synesthesia. However, I believe that creative people subconsciously employ elements of synesthesia every day when attempting to think of things in new ways. This is a logic test that attempts to measure one's ability to correlate musical phrases with abstract shapes and symbols."
Very innovative and well executed bio-test of your musical abilities; this ain't your average amateur FB quiz-gizmo. Jake says the test is intentionally 'hard' tho I suspect its said that way so as to lure in more musician egos ;)

It is tricky so keep your wits about you; Without headphones, I scored an overall middle-excellent 85% factored out, in ascending order of cognition required, as:

79.9% in Pitch Discrimination (Robert is chuckling now)
83.5% in Musical Memory (ch ch ch changes ....)
81.9% in Contour Discrimination (barely Exceptional ;)
82.8% in Attention (comes from living with kids)
88.7% in Transmodal Musical/Visual Abstraction!!

Be sure to check out his other tests for tone-deafness (86.1% but I slipped on one click), relative pitch perception (3.45Hz, my 10 cents worth) and rhythmic memory (80% yo).

As for the author, Jake Mandell, originally a producer, worked for Native Instruments in Berlin. Now, like Daniel Levin, he's soon to graduate U Mass Med School, specialising in Neurology.