Thursday 16 October 2008

Bottled water not so pure


Greenspace - Los Angeles Times: "Bottled water isn't necessarily any purer than the water you get from your tap, it's just more expensive, according to a report released Wednesday by a Washington, D.C., nonprofit research group.

The Environmental Working Group sent samples of 10 major bottled-water brands to the University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory. The results: 38 low-level contaminants turned up in the water, with each brand containing an average of eight chemicals. Disinfection products, caffeine, Tylenol, nitrate, industrial chemicals, arsenic and bacteria were detected.

Two brands contained disinfection products at levels that exceeded California's bottled-water standards"

and that doesn't even get into how bad the bottle itself can be! I think word is getting around, though, as I see at our beach-side no-pipeline resort-area grocers the bottled water is selling for record low-prices and still sits stacked up on skids in the ailes.