Sunday, 12 October 2008

RadioDirectX David Valdez writes "So far it seems like (Canadian arts promoters) Radio DirectX has been a very good investment for me. As independent Jazz artists how else are we going to get international radio airplay? I've heard plenty of horror stories from Jazz musicians who hired PR agents for $1500 per week and only got a couple of CD revues in obscure Jazz rags.

We need to get our CDs out of the boxes stacked in our garages and out into the world for people to hear. We also need press quotes that rave about our masterpiece recordings, and it's nice if those quotes are from a radio stations in Australia, France or Poland (or even Belarus) rather than from a CD review in your local Jazz society newsletter."

one of the disappointing aspects of most all the mp3 hosting sites is how poorly they market submissions to people who matter; Valdez thinks he may have found a workable alternative for the independent seeking global exposure, and while expensive to play, their clients include Billboard, the Junos, EMI, and Sony/BMG, so the potential for payoff appears to be worth the investment risk.