Tuesday 4 November 2008

What You Think, You Know, You Hear

An Introduction to Sine-Wave Speech: Listen up, because this is important - Matt Davis writes "In this work, Remez and colleagues demonstrated a dramatic change in the way in which sine-wave speech sentences are perceived, depending on listener's specific prior knowledge.

[After hearing the intelligible sample] Listening to the sine-wave speech sound again produces a very different percept of a fully intelligible spoken sentence. This dramatic change in perception is an example of 'perceptual insight' or pop-out. We have argued that this form of pop-out is an example of a top-down perceptual process"

A startlingly clear illustration of how your own expectations can completely change the way you experience the world; play the sine-wave speech phrase, it is gibberish, at best mostly gibberish. then play the original, which will shake what you thought you knew, but NOW go back to that encoded version and have another go ...