Friday, 10 April 2009

Greenback Dollar


How Lincoln Averted Financial Crisis: "legal-tender U.S. Notes or 'Greenbacks' represented receipts for labor and goods delivered to the United States. They were paid to soldiers and suppliers and were trade-able for goods and services of a value equivalent to their service to the community. The Greenbacks aided the Union not only in winning the war but in funding a period of unprecedented economic expansion. Lincoln's government created the greatest industrial giant the world had yet seen"
When I was a little baby, my momma said,
"Hey, son. Travel where you will and grow to be a man
And sing what must be sung, poor boy.
Sing what must be sung.

And I don't give a damn about a greenback dollar,
spend it as fast as I can.
For a wailin' song and a good guitar,
the only things that I understand, poor boy,
the only things that I understand.