Tuesday, 8 December 2009

NEPTUNE Canada: Go-live Webcast

NEPTUNE Canada has completed deployment of 800km of fiber on thePacific Ocean floor powering 5 undersea observatory nodes at keyresearch locations with over 200 instruments and sensors connected tocomputing and data storage facilities at University of Victoria. Inmany ways this project represents the epitome of cyber-infrastructruelinking remote instruments to computers and scientists around theworld."NEPTUNE Canada offers a unique and exciting approach to oceanscience. Traditionally, ocean scientists have relied on infrequentship cruises or space-based satellites to carry out their research.But NEPTUNE Canada will change this. They are building the world???sfirst regional-scale underwater ocean observatory that plugs directlyinto the Internet. People everywhere will be able to ???surf theseafloor,??? and ocean scientists will be able to run deep-waterexperiments from labs and universities anywhere around the world.

Tuesday Dec 8 at 10am PST, the Neptune Library will kick off with the webcat.