Monday 21 December 2009

Telepathy Link Found in Lab Experiments?

???What we have found is that if you place two different people at a distance and put a circular magnetic field around both, and you make sure they are connected to the same computer so they get the same stimulation, then if you flash a light in one person???s eye the person in the other room receiving just the magnetic field will show changes in their brain as if they saw the flash of light. We think that???s tremendous because it may be the first macro demonstration of a quantum connection, or so-called quantum entanglement. If true, then there???s another way of potential communication that may have physical applications, for example, in space travel.???

While Persinger???s experiments could prove groundbreaking, he remains doubtful about his controversial findings reaching his colleagues, ???I think the critical thing about science is to be open-minded. It???s really important to realize that the true subject matter of science is the pursuit of the unknown. Sadly scientists have become extraordinarily group-oriented. Our most typical critics are not are mystic believer types.  They are scientists who have a narrow vision of what the world is like.???

And from the Abstract:

One indication of entanglement between two particles is a change in parity or spin in one when the other is changed in order to maintain constancy of the system. Our experiment was designed to discern if this phenomenon occurred at the macroscopic level between the electroencephalographic activities of brains of pairs of people, separated by about 75 m, with various degrees of ???entanglement???. About 50% of the variance of the "simultaneous" electroencephalographic power was shared between pairs of brains. Pairs of strangers were positively correlated within alpha and gamma bands within the temporal and frontal lobes. However the power levels within the alpha and theta bands were negatively correlated for pairs of people who had a protracted history of interaction. The latter result might be considered support for the hypothesis of macroscopic entanglement.

I knew you were going to say that.