Wednesday 26 March 2008

Bullfrog Power: “Taxing our Guilt”

Bullfrog Power: “Taxing our Guilt”: "mrG left a a very interesting comment on the Nelly Furtado Earth Hour concert which is sponsored by Bullfrog Power. I think he raises a very important point and we shouldn’t be blindedly falling for everything that claims to be “Green”."
Jeremiah was a bullfrog, and although often unintelligible, we were friends nonetheless. Nelly will draw throngs of litter-prone party-mood commuters to see a massive stagecraft show of self-promo underwritten by a ruse to sneak a subsidy, but she will play 'unplugged' (sic).

The Earth will be SO relieved.
wow ... I got cited by smartcanucks ... hope there's not a bullfrog fatwa out on me now :).