Thursday, 13 March 2008

Direct Note Access


Direct Note Access: "Direct Note Access is a technology that makes the impossible possible: for the first time in audio recording history you can identify and edit individual notes within polyphonic audio material. The unique access that Melodyne affords to pitch, timing, note lengths and other parameters of melodic notes will now also be afforded to individual notes within chords."
This is either the threshold of a new world, or the end of music as you've come to know it. Personally, I think it is both, and I'm happy to say Sun Ra had prepared me in advance so I don't find it the least bit frightening -- I'd never expected to record a platinum platter anyway -- but I do wonder now just who it is they should actually HAND the next Junos to ...
An addendum footnote to this, Dave Liebman writes:
talking to one of my students about the ???old days??? of recording just ten years ago before the computer where although we did cut and splice tape, musicians had to self correct mistakes of timing, intonation and assorted other tasks mostly on their own. I have to think that without the reliance on machines, one???s musicianship was well tested, consequently leading to general and continual self improvement.