Thursday 26 June 2008

Calling Planet Earth... Calling Planet Earth...


THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK: "The integration of all our World Planet by becoming Unified on the Path of Humanity has been taken in hand by our Universal Friends. Celestial assistance is being granted to our Planet on this path.

During this Transition Cycle ... Universal Attainments made by means of the Cosmic Influences cause our Planet to make a progress together with the medium it belongs to. The events being experienced cause all the Social Consciousnesses to awaken as a mass."

Sun Ra obtained something he called "The Book of Information" while on tour in Turkey, and for years afterward he'd hand sections to those who helped the Arkestra spread their message (see Wire #78: The Mysteries Of Mr Ra).

After decades of sleuthing, this legendary text has been positively identified with The Knowledge Book excerpts posted on the Turkish website of the World Brotherhood Union's Universal Unification Center.

The Turkish word "bilgi" means both information and knowledge, so the titles are one and the same in Turkish.

Yes, it is a message from space, but realistically, for our practical purposes and considering at stake is the very survival of humanity, does that triviality really matter?