Monday 2 June 2008

From literacy to digiracy

Tech.view | From literacy to digiracy | The Economist: "For anyone under the age of 20, the world being experienced is one where the internet has always existed, and where everyone who matters is only a click, speed dial or text message away. “Tomorrow’s adults,” says Mr Federman, “live in a world of ubiquitous connectivity and pervasive proximity.” Their direct experience of the world is wholly different from yours or mine.

So, no surprise that when we incarcerate teenagers of today in traditional classroom settings, they react with predictable disinterest and flunk their literacy tests. They are skilled in making sense not of a body of known content, but of contexts that are continually changing."
Our own Mark Federman the topic of discussion at The Economist? Yup, and about time too, or just in the nick of time, rather, so as to get to print before print loses all relevancy :)