Sunday 15 June 2008

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee?


The Neurocritic: Wake Up and Smell the Coffee?: "When they examined their brains they found reduced levels of mRNA - messenger molecules that indicate when a gene is being expressed - for 11 genes important to brain function. When the rats were exposed to the aroma of coffee, the mRNA for nine of the genes was restored to near normal levels, and pushed to above normal levels for two - GIR, involved in neuro-endocrine control, and NFGR, thought to control oxidative stress"
Is Scratch ???n Sniff Starbucks in our future? -- this is only the first of many articles I have collected which seem to vindicate aromatherapy, a domain I would have once thought among the last to show any real scientific value, and mark my words there is an important lesson in science in that observation!