Friday 1 August 2008

Our grip on reality is slim


Our grip on reality is slim, says UCL scientist: ???We believe that hallucinations are caused by a difficulty in discriminating information present in the outside world from information that is imagined. In schizophrenia the difficulty you have in separating reality from imagined events becomes exaggerated so some people have hallucinations and hear voices that simply aren???t there.???
???our imagination does not have too great an impact on our lives - unless the reality check system breaks down ... In our tests volunteers either thought they had imagined words which they had actually been shown or said they had seen words which in fact they had just imagined - in over 20 per cent of cases. That is quite a lot of mistakes to be making, and shows how fallible our memory is - or perhaps, how slim our grip on reality is."
You can read the full paper over at Book of Joe