Thursday, 21 August 2008

The end of music (reprise)

8tracks - the end of music: "'Many people in our society now go around the streets and in the buses and so forth playing radios with earphones on and they don't hear the world around them. They hear only what they have chosen to hear. I can't understand why they cut themselves off from that rich experience which is free. I think this is the beginning of music, and I think that the end of music may very well be in those record collections.' - John Cage conversation with Ev Grimes (1984), in Kostelanetz 1988, 235"
Cage wasn't the first, of course, in fact, John Philip Sousa marched on Congress to protest "Those Infernal Machines" saying they would make us musically mute within a generation, but I can't help but note the irony that this quote is used as a teaser for yet another batch of tune-programs to tuck into those beans in your ears!