Wednesday 24 December 2008



What and who is the change we need? : Remarkk!: "Many of us are watching with rapt attention what???s going on in the transition to an Obama administration in the United States. I???ve been amazed at how the technologies of participation are being married to the philosophy of transparency in very real and exciting ways. An administration-in-waiting that blogs with open commenting! And offers a Seat at the Table for open policy conversations and submission of documents!

Inspired by these developments and the work of Laurence Lessig and Joe Trippi with and, I registered the domain, with an eye to it being a place for a new conversation for a multi- and non-partisan movement of Canadians interested in changing our institutions of government to reflect our times. I don???t know what this might become, but ..."

heh, nothing like a plan without a plan :) - here we have a raging bandwagon of "GenWe hits the homeland" primed to take on the creaking relic of the Canadian Civil Service, sort of a Starbucks version of the Xinhai Revolution. After watching, and waiting and watching, the tweets, the sites, the really odd bored-room videos, I can't say as I've seen much in the way of any Actionable Sense, so whether this is netgeek ADHD or whether it will make haste to the library, do the due diligence and infiltrate the neurology of our old political system remains to be seen; as one who sat on the periphery of (where we just wanted to save taxpayers some millions in license fees, create open access to services and nationalize some national property), I can only wish them luck, but who knows ... I never thought Facebook would work either! (Does it? Work, I mean)