Sunday 7 December 2008

Happy 30th "Star Wars Holiday Special"!

Media_httpexternalakfbcdnnetsafeimagephpd381be5b059b872d350088214564eff6furlhttp3a2f2fwwwstarwarscom2fimg2fmovies2fsaga2f20081117a2ftvadsmjpg_phbgugelzqupwag "Yeah, you read right -- we're actually giving a shout-out to the sadly misguided 'Star Wars Holiday Special'. Why? Because as fans of all things Star Wars, we think every aspect of that faraway galaxy is worthy of some love, even if that means tough love. And with the 'Holiday Special' turning 30 this week, we thought it deserved a bit of charitable coverage, seeing as how its older, smarter, more successful brother -- A New Hope -- was given its own three-continent 30th anniversary Celebration convention and all.

For those who have never seen the 'Star Wars Holiday Special', it was a two-hour variety show that many feel suffered from over-extended scenes, kitschy dialog, and cheesy special effects. Airing just once on the night of November 17, 1978"

Imagine Harvey Corman on an off-day. No, seriously, an off off-day, just imagine. Now turn the camera on; legend has it George's ex-wife's scorn was behind this release, and Lucas has sworn to track down and destroy every last bootleg.
ah yes, the Life-Day Song; memorable like a root-canal (actually, I think I have a kind of shell-shock PTS about it) - I keep a copy in a coffee can buried in the back yard in hopes Lucas will detect it and pop by for a film-burning visit. He hasn't, so far.