Thursday 8 January 2009

Jacques Fresco

"Science is the ability to predict the next 'most probable'" -- a visit with Venus Project architect/designer Jacque Fresco, on applying the scientific method to urban architecture, and on how our environment nurtures our behaviours, on how access to information renders our 'primative' beliefs obsolete and on his vision of a world where "the probability of war drops to zero"

well ... any man who is a friend of his local racoons is a friend of mine. by the looks of it, this was filmed at the Venus Project ... which is now for sale for a very reasonable price - I've been trying to pry an answer obout as to why the prototype is being sold (talking about 'access to information') but so far the only reasonable answer (proffered by detractors) is that he shouldn't have chosen a state with a governor named Jeb, and might have had better luck attracting participants had he built it in Arizona.