Wednesday 11 March 2009

The Brain Beautiful


TeledyN: "The objective is fine of itself, to work to be better tomorrow than one was today, to work to keep mentally acute and fit, to stay mentally agile and so save others the need to dote and care over your advancing years, or even so as to ensure the peak condition and progressive cognitive development for growing minds, from 8 to 80 as the boardgames used to say:
Participants play fitness games for about an hour per day on a computer, training their brains to react to certain stimuli faster, thereby speeding up the process of when nerve cells talk to each other.
[ Reality Sandwich | Brain Workout ]

But dig, before you shell-out the subscriber fee for your ticket to ??bermench-hood, I want you to know something: there is something very very wrong here, fundamentally wrong, epidemically wrong, culturally wrong, and needlessly wrong, and I'll tell you what it is ..."
And so begins the case for trading the suduko pads and Wii stations on a brand spankin' new clarinet, and why we should care. A re-tweet of a year-old post prompted by MooCow and VinylGirl who regrettably said they liked it; they should know by now, you shouldn't encourage me.