Thursday 4 June 2009

Quantum Biology

Using femtosecond lasers to follow the movement of light energy through a photosynthetic bacterial cell, Engel et al. observed the energy traveling along every possible direction at the same time. Instead of following a single trajectory like the electrons on a silicon chip, the energy in photosynthesis explores all of its options and collapses the quantum process only after the fact, retroactively ???deciding??? upon the most efficient pathway.

What does this all mean? Not only does quantum phenomena occur in living systems, but the basic processes of life we take for granted rely on the transfer of information backward in time. Life is so magical because it cheats.

There is a youtube of George Russell in a chat with Ornette Coleman (, where George remarks on how Ornette's band does not 'count it in' with their music, but almost magically the players just 'know' when, and how, to act. "How did it work?" asks George, and Ornette responds, "By insight." By in-sight, sight from within, down in the ancient quantum caverns of the microtubials where The Future is already kNOWn.