Wednesday 24 June 2009

The Purpose of Ihnfinity Inc


The Purpose of Ihnfinity Inc.

"To perform works of a humanitarian nature among all people of earth. To help stamp out (destroy) ignorance destroying the major purpose, changing ignorance to constructive live creativity. To own and operate all kinds of reasearch laboratories, studios, electronics equipment, electrochemical communcational devices of our own design and creativity, and electromechanical equipment, electronic equipment relating to audio and video devices and audio and video devices themselves including sound recordings and tapes as well as video recordings, tapes, teleportation, astral projection devices, mind cleansing sound devices, magnetic computers, electrical and electronic devices related to all phases of enterplanetary space travel including magnetic energy producing ships with speeds greater than the speed of light (as presently known), including enterplanetary cosmonetic devices of an astro infinity nature. To own real estate including land, building, factories, water, including air space above same. To use these values for the greater advancement of all people of earth and creative live beings of this galaxy and other galaxies beyond the sun."

that's what I call a Mission Statement